Who We Are

Working Together

Historically, Métis Free Trader was the strength on the paddle and guides of the fur trade. Today, we keep the tradition alive in our ongoing Economic and Business Development efforts.

We have successfully established a Strategic Group of Integrated  Indigenous Businesses as Joint Venture Partnerships with highly successful companies in their area of expertise.

These areas include:

  • high-voltage Hydro line construction
  • open pit and deep shaft mine construction,
  • environmental services,
  • steel fabrication & supply,
  • all-terrain equipment supplier,
  • road construction, and
  • security services.

With the expertise of our Strategic Joint Venture Partners we can now build an ice road, build a highway, build access roads and right of way clearings (ROWs). We have the capacity to take on the construction of an open pit mine or an underground mine shaft construction, including the steel fabrication framing. One company provides Environmental Services plus Water Treatment Plant (design and build) solutions for the North, another specializes in Security Services for the protection of our construction sites.

As partners, we have eight different Indigenous Joint Venture Companies that service the most impactful areas of growth in Northern Ontario. Click here for a list of our Joint Venture Partners.

Indigenous Relations Policy

At Métis Free Trader we pride ourselves on our open door policy towards training and employment opportunities to all local Indigenous Communities.

We are the Economic and Business Development Corp of Red Sky Métis Independent Nation, but our joint venture agreements extend to other Indigenous Communities within the region.

The wording of each proposal (RFP) that we submit to our clients includes the opportunities for training and employment for all local Indigenous citizens.

This policy is considered a great attribute within the industries that we operate, such as Mining, Hydro and Road construction. As quoted by a Vice President in the mining industry, “It’s a breath of fresh air in Indigenous Relations”. It is respected and well considered during the process of reviewing submissions to RFP’s.